ASTROFEIN ACM Magnetometer

ACM Magnetometer


‚ÄĘ Optimum between low mass/size, data quality and power consumption for attitude control Magnetometer for small and larger satellite

‚ÄĘ Full Mil / space qualified electronics

‚ÄĘ All components radiation hard or radiation tolerant available

‚ÄĘ Field calculation with full calibrated data output

‚ÄĘ Two different measurements modes

‚ÄĘ Firmware upload capability

‚ÄĘ Electronics and sensor are qualified according vibration specs for Ariane, Delta and¬†¬†Sojus launchers


The ACM is a high precision magnetometer and is developed in cooperation with Magson GmbH.

ACM Magnetometer

Parameter Data
Range ¬Ī60 000 nT (up to 140 000 nT on request)
Resolution 100 pT/LSB
Noise 50 pT/ ‚ąöHz@60 000 nT
Linearity 0.025%
Mass < 280 g
Dimension (without connector) 138 mm x 55 mm x 39 mm
Voltage 18 V to 36 V
Power consumption
Earth field < 1.0 W @ 24 V
Full range < 1.2 W @ 24 V
Data Interfaces RS485 (others on request)
Operation temperature range -20¬įC to +50¬įC
Non-operation temperature range -30¬įC to +60¬įC
Design lifetime 7 years
Storage time 2 years
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