ASTROFEIN PicoSatellite Launcher

CubeSat Deployer 12U


  • Flight proven Deployer for 1U to 12U CubeSats and combinations
  • Non-explosive lock and release mechanisms
  • Very low power consumption mechanism
  • User friendly system that is easily resettable
  • Redundancy in actuation and deployment confirmation signal
  • Fixation of the CubeSat in X, Y and Z during launch (patented)
  • Closed envelope for high safety
  • Defined deployment energy and low spin rate
  • Deployment is initiated when the door is completely opened and locked (patented)
  • Large clearance for attachments on the CubeSat
  • Access ports for maintenance on launch site
  • No export restrictions
  • Fully qualified technology


Parameter PSL12U PSL12U XL
(Pack: 1-,2-, 3- and 4-way available) (Pack: 1-,2-, 3- and 4-way available)
CubeSat Rail Length (Z) [mm] 340.5 366 -0.5/+5.0
CubeSat Rail Width (X) [mm] 226.3 226.3
CubeSat Rail Height (Y) [mm] 226.3 226.3
Number of Tuna Cans 5* 5*
Maximum Satellite Mass [kg] <=24.0 <=24.0
* the fith tuna can is located at the center of the deployment wagon with a diameter of 92 mm and a height of 58 mm

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