Only those who deliver quality and thus reliability, safety and functionality can survive. This requirement applies to aerospace products in particular. Space components must maintain a high level of functionality and stability under extreme environmental influences in space. Depending on the requirements profile of a product, this means being able to withstand shocks, vibrations or extreme temperature changes. Space products therefore go through long development phases, use complex manufacturing technologies and have to pass extensive testing and qualification processes.

Many areas of work such as construction, design, electronics, software, system engineering, manufacturing and quality assurance work hand in hand, sometimes for years, before the final product can be launched into space. ASTROFEIN represents all of these core competencies of the product life cycle.

The focus of the ASTROFEIN product portfolio is on the Actuators for the AOCS systems of small satellites – reaction wheels, ejection mechanisms for small satellites – ASTROFEIN Picosatellite Launcher as well as measuring and test stands such as the ASTROFEIN – ACS Test Stand (Attitude Control System ) for attitude control of the small satellite.


PicoSatellite Launcher



Reliable attitude control of the satellite thanks to intelligent reaction wheels from ASTROFEIN

Safe transport into orbit with ASTROFEIN PicoSatellite Launcher PSL product line, available up to PSL16U

Attitude control test bed for small satellites and microsatellite buses

ASTROFEIN, high-precision position control sensors for space applications