To be able to control the position of a satellite, it has an AOCS – Attitude and Orbit Control System. First, the position of the spacecraft is recorded with the help of sensors and then the data is evaluated. This results in the necessary control actions, which are implemented by actuators, among other things.

ASTROFEIN has developed, manufactured and tested various space technologies for navigation.

ASTROFEIN Reaction Wheels Family

ASTROFEIN has many years of experience in the development and production of intelligent reaction wheels with the following characteristics:

  • Digital interface
  • Internal monitoring and protection mechanisms
  • Checking the parameters
  • Model based control

The monitoring and protection mechanisms indicate possible wheel problems at an early stage and react to them automatically. These mechanisms make ASTROFEIN’s smart RWs very robust and reliable.


The AGS-1 is a highly integrated speed sensor with the following features:

  • Three-axis rotation measurement
  • Temperature compensated data
  • compact size, low mass, low power consumption
  • economical design for small satellites
  • two operating modes – free-running and triggered
  • integration of additional accelerometers on request
Gyro System Sensor
GPS receiver unit

ASTROFEIN GPS receiver unit- ARGO

ARGO-L1GNSS is a redundant COTS based GPS receiver unit tailored for
positioning and timing applications for LEO missions and offers the following:

  • Configurable dual receiver unit redundancy.
  • Improved availability through dual, independent, passive reception
  • Antenna system with passive combination of RF signals
  • Equipped with voltage and current monitoring
  • FDIR capability for timely response to system failures
  • Navigation firmware and tracking channels optimised for LEO missions
  • Receiver warm start mode for fast time to first position determination

ASTROFEIN ACM Magnetometer

The high-precision ACM magnetometer and was developed in cooperation with Magson GmbH. It offers:

  • an optimal balance between low mass/size, data quality and power consumption for attitude control of small and larger satellites.
  • fully Mil / Space qualified electronics
  • radiation-resistant or radiation-tolerant components
  • field calculation with fully calibrated data output
  • two different measurement modes
  • Firmware upload capability
  • electronics and sensor, in accordance with the vibration regulations for Ariane, Delta and Soyuz launchers
ACM Magnetometer