ASTROFEIN Engineering

Aerospace projects are complex and interdisciplinary. A well-coordinated engineering team of experienced experts accompanies them through the entire project process and advises them on processes, methods and the use of specific tools.

The company is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 and DIN EN 9100:2018.

ASTROFEIN Design Engineering

We specialise in space engineering for commercial and scientific payloads.
Our focus is on space components for satellites, probes and landers. Our engineers develop and design parts, components and devices for industry and research, from prototype development to flight patterns. They calculate static and dynamic strengths of classically manufactured 3D, metal and plastic structures as well as fibre composite structures.

ASTROFEIN System Engineering

Our system engineers are responsible for the technical coordination of the development of our satellite components and subsystems with a focus on attitude control as well as structure and mechanisms.
They are responsible for the implementation and monitoring of the entire development cycle – from the definition of the requirements, through the entire design, to verification using suitable methods for testing the product properties.

ASTROFEIN Software Engineering

The development of firmware for the embedded systems of our products is the responsibility of our software team. Whether programming microcontrollers and FPGAs of the electronic components or developing support tools, our experienced engineers create concepts and specifications in close cooperation with customers and suppliers.

ASTROFEIN Electrical Engineering

The electronics group specialises in the development of prototypes and small series. This includes the entire development of the circuit, from specification and layout to commissioning and testing.
In doing so, the electronics team is constantly in close contact with our customers, PCB manufacturers and assemblers. Comprehensive reviews, detailed analyses of circuits (worst case) and writing our own programmes for test automation and control are also part of the portfolio. Comprehensive test equipment is available in our in-house electronics laboratory.

Thermal analysis

ASTROFEIN Thermal and Structure Engineering

Our specialists in the finite element method and FEM structural analysis simulate and test various physical relationships. The focus is on methods for complex calculations, including linear statics, non-linear analysis, analysis of dynamic frequency and natural frequency, harmonic analysis and PSD analysis.
Thermal analysis is used to predict temperature distributions in components and systems. Our engineers can identify hot-spot temperatures, calculate temperature fields and provide thermomechanical verifications. We advise and support them in all questions of component design and optimisation.